10 things to do in fairmont hot springs BC

Here’s the lowdown, starting with where to stay, eat, play & who to see when you’re in the fabulous fun town of Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C! Places to stay, things to do & folks to see you may not be aware of or doesn’t show up in your research?!

This list features free activities to do to go along with pay to play fun! As there’s always something fun to do that doesn’t cost a thing!

Who says having fun has to cost anything? Some of the most fun, exciting, adventurous, memorable times to be had is free! Most definitely while in the World renowned Canadian Rocky Mountains!

* There is a common theme throughout this list, as Fairmont Hot Springs is definitely a hotspot for such activity in the area! Read on to find out what it is!

Located only minutes North of Fairmont! Once rolling into town, first things first. Securing a place to stay! The Raven’s Nest Resort & Campground is definitely the place to make your temporary home! Why? How about peace, quiet, tranquility & being at one with nature?

Being only minutes from Fairmont, you’re still close to all amenities! Imagine waking up to calm, peaceful serenity!? With scenic views in every direction! That’s exactly what Raven’s Nest is all about! Lake Windermere is only a short hike away!

What else is required? Stay in 1 of their cozy, authentic mountain cabins!

During your stay, you may see any 1 of the many different wildlife native to the area!  Elk, Osprey, Black Bears possibly even Sasquatch! Oh my?! Yes, you read that right! Sasquatch! Sasquatch have been spotted in & around Fairmont! So keep your eyes open & you may see Sasquatch for yourself!


Dine In A Fine Setting With Ambiance To Spare!

Decisions, decisions, decisions! Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s a good chance you’ll find what your taste buds are craving in Fairmont Hot Springs! Take for example the locals favorite, Bear’s Paw Pub & Grill located up at Fairmont Resort!

Looking for variety to satisfy everyone? Then Bear’s Paw Pub & Grill is the place to eat! Most definitely! Dine in a fine setting with ambiance to spare or order takeout! Your choice!

Bear’s Paw offers a delectable Prime Rib Burger to a savory Burnt End Beef & Bell Pepper Pizza! Mmmmmm salivating just writing about it!

Sasquatch has been known to hang around Bear’s Paw & it’s no wonder! Enticing aromas wafting through the open air is enough to attract anyone! Certainly a starving Sasquatch!

Looking to cook for yourself or grab a quick snack? Possibly pick up something delicious that’s already pre-made for that picnic at Wilder Memorial Park?
Have something special to celebrate & require a bottle of the finest vino? Mountainside Market is the place to get it!

Starting off this list of things to do with this interesting activity! Did you know that Sasquatch have been sighted in & around the fun town of Fairmont Hot Springs? Sasquatch certainly has! Now you know!

Sasquatch has been sighted by locals at the Wilder Memorial Park from time to time! Yup! & The best part? It’s absolutely FREE! So round up the Family & or Friends, grab grub & go have a picnic there!

Picnic tables are set up for your convenience! Bring along a soccer ball, a frisbee, bocce ball set, a football or ball & gloves to pass the time! 

Just use these Directions to find it! That easy!

Who doesn’t love free fun things to do & who knows? you may get lucky & Spot a Sasquatch!

Another fun & FREE activity for the whole family & friends to do & enjoy while in the fun town of Fairmont Hot Springs! No concerns about the difficulty of the hike, as it’s very beginner friendly!

It’s a gradual incline hike from the starting point located just off Westside Road! It’s unmissable as it’s clearly marked out with signage from the road, along with spacious parking! So no concerns there! Take scenic snaps, have a picnic & explore the area! Heck, you may even see a Sasquatch as well?!

Ever play paintball before? If not you’re missing out! If you have, you know exactly how much fun it is!

Colval Paintball is an absolutely massive paintball field! An all-natural field with over 100 bunkers & forts throughout the “bushball” field! Also, there’s a hybrid speedball field for the high-octane, fast-paced, action-oriented crowd!

Affordable in comparison to other paintball fields! Play all day! It’s all good! Sasquatch practically live at Colval Paintball! So chances are pretty good that you come across one out there!

Just drop in & say you wanna play! Or reserve a time. BOOK NOW  You’ll thank yourself that you did!

Another FREE activity to do! Do like the gold rush prospectors used to do & gold pan Dutch Creek! Actual gold has been found in this humble creek! Who knows? You possibly could be fortunate enough to pull out a nugget or 2?!

All you require is a simple pan & patience! If you don’t have a gold panning pan, you can get a gold pan at the local Mountainside Market for a fair price! Warning, Bears are a common sight there! So be careful! If there’s bears, then there’s also Sasquatch close by!

Care for a round of mini golf? How about get up close & personal with the Alpacas? Mmmm maybe not! Hahahaha they do tend to spit! Or is that Llamas?

Give the popular spin & bump cars a go? Or take in the lush beauty of the park & gardens? You can do all of the aforementioned if you so choose!

Besides Alpacas, Sasquatch could be within the vicinity? You never know! So be on the lookout!

Ever play a round of golf at Mountainside Golf Course? If you have, then you know what I’m talking about! If you haven’t? You’re sorely missing out on an absolutely stunning track!

There’s something to be said of playing golf on the side of a mountain! Sure you have to account for the ball always rolling down the slope! Though the views! Breath taking! There’s so much to see while still focusing on your round!

History abounds at Mountainside Golf, there’s even an ancient cabin on 1 of the holes! The golf course is suitable for all skill levels, therefore chances are you won’t be overly disappointed!? Rates are fair & reasonable for a half round or full 18 holes!

Keep alert as bears frequent the course, & where bears go, Sasquatch is sure to follow!

Who doesn’t love the thrill of flying down a mountain through the trees? Feeling the cool breeze on a hot summer day, while weightless & adrenaline flowing fast?

Taking in an information overload of an alpine forest on the side of a Rocky Mountain? This exhilarating activity may not be for everyone, certainly for those with a fear of heights! Though what better way to conquer that fear than ziplining?!

Mineral Mountain has qualified personnel assisting you on your descent! That should alleviate some concerns relative to your safety! Zip lining is a real blast!

While Zipping down the side of Mineral Mountain, Watch for Sasquatch! You never know what you’ll see?!

And to wrap up, after each day of adventurous activity on this eclectic list, is there anything better than soaking in the healing powers of thermal hot springs for those sore, tired muscles? Nope!

There is truly nothing better to do, definitely on a cold winter’s day! Though no matter the time of year, this is a must-do!

To really amp it up, go for a massage beforehand & melt in the magical waters! Fairmont Resorts Hot Springs has spectacular vista views & an excellent facility with a swimming pool to cool down in should you get too warm!

*Before or after relaxing in the hot springs, go for a jaunt downstream of the hot springs & splendor in the hot springs waterfall! When downstream near the hot springs waterfall keep your eyes peeled! As Sasquatch also loves to soak its weary bones!

Well, there you go! A fantastic list of 10 Fun Things To Do In Fairmont Hot Springs, B.C. That You May Not Have Been Aware Of!

Though now you are! When in Fairmont Hot Springs, there’s never a lack of exciting, budget-friendly activities for all to enjoy!

With great places to stay, dine & have a memorable time doing any of the countless fun things to do, you’ll never experience a dull moment! After all, ain’t that why you’re visiting in the first place? To have a great getaway & maybe see a Sasquatch in its natural habitat?!

If you didn’t get to do everything on this list when in Fairmont Hot Springs, No concerns! There’s always next time! Though if you were fortunate enough to? There’s more in store that didn’t make this list! It ain’t called the Fabulous, Fun Town Fairmont Hot Springs cause it sounds good! It most assuredly is! See you next time & take care!

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