Can I/we reserve/book a date and pay when we get there?
No. Payments are to be made in full before arriving to avoid unnecessary delays.

If we are booking several weeks in advance, do we have to have exact numbers figured out?
No. You can send a deposit to hold a date and time and update us at least two days prior to your scheduled date. The balance will be calculated and must be paid prior to your arrival to avoid unnecessary delays.

Do you provide coveralls?
We have a limited supply of disposable coveralls for sale.

Do we play with other people or would we be playing on our own?
On your own.

Can I/we join a group?
Customers tend to choose a private booking when asked about others joining. Open field days planed in the future.

Do you have a phone number?
No. Please contact us via email or Messenger.

Is there a time limit?
Normally no. We reserve the right to call a game if circumstances justify it.

Does paintball paint stain your clothes?
If you’re wondering ‘Does paintball paint wash out? ‘ the answer is ‘Yes! ‘ – paintballs are water-soluble, non-toxic and will wash out of your clothing on a normal wash cycle