Colval paintball Scenario Games – 10 to choose from!
1. SOUL SURVIVOR– Simple Elimination style game, Everyone vs. Everyone until there is only 1 left standing (winner) at the end of the game!
2. ALAMO– 1 team of Participants “holes up” in a bunker, fort, sniper stand or a designated area of the field & takes a stand against an invading army (more opposing Participants than the Alamo strong hold Participants, ex. 7 vs. 3) attack the Alamo!
3. PREDATOR– All against 1! (1 Participant vs. ALL other Participants!) Great game to play for birthdays, bachelor or wedding parties, family reunions, graduations, etc.
4. RESCUE MISSION/ PRISONER OF WAR/ HOSTAGE SITUATION– 1 Participant from each team, (equal amount of Participants on each team) is captured in opposing teams base. Whichever team that successfully transports their rescued team mate back to their bunker first, wins! *(NO SPAWNING) Can also be played with only 1 teams captured Participant
5. ODD vs. EVEN– An unfair advantage of more Participants versus less Participants! i.e. (7 vs. 3) etc.
6. CAPTURE THE FLAG– Similar to Rescue Mission, though using a coloured flag as opposed to a Participant from the other team! (equal or uneven Participants per team)
7. MEDIC– Each team has a designated “Medic” when a team member gets hit, the “Medic” can revive the hit Participant & the hit Participant can re-enter the game! (equal/uneven)
8. GUERILLA WARFARE– An odd number of teams, with an odd number of Participants on each team! i.e. (3 teams, 1 team has 3 Participants, 2nd team has 2 Participants and 3rd team has 5 Participants) Last team standing WINS!
9. BUNKER/TRENCH WARFARE– Opposing teams battle from the trenches, face to face across from each other behind bunkers or trenches! (equal/ uneven)
10. *BONUS ROUND! PLAYERS CHOICE! CIVIL WAR STANDOFF– A great & fun way to use up remaining paint at the end of the day! Takes courage to participate! Equal or Uneven Participants square off from each other in barren, wide open, level ground- standing back to back from each other both counting out loud from 1 to 10 while taking a pace forward and in turn farther away from your opponent! When both Participants have counted to 10 & have taken 10 paces away from each other (roughly 10 feet at very least!? The legal minimum when in action that can open fire on opponent) both Participants then turn & open fire on other Participants! Exciting & Daring! Everyone Wins!

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