Colval  paintball  FIELD RULES & REGULATIONS

*FAILURE to follow & adhere to colval  paintball  Field Rules & Regulations can & will result in LIFE TIME      Field Banishment/Expulsion from ever participating at colval  paintball & possible criminal charges!                                                      

  1. ALWAYS! Listen intently & with RESPECT first & foremost to the Field Umpire/Referee!  
  2. ALWAYS! When not in field of play, keep marker SAFETY ON! Keep muzzle SOCK ON! Keep marker muzzle aim on the SOIL! * SAFETY- SOCK- SOIL= FUN for ALL! Absolutely NO TOLERANCE Policy! Goofing off or horsing around while endangering others will not be tolerated!                                          
  3. ALWAYS! Keep protective full mask/helmet on when in field of play! If needed when in action call for field refs assistance with all equipment related mechanical issues/problems. NEVER REMOVE MASK/HELMET WHILE IN GAME ACTION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! *Protect the Eyes at ALL COSTS & ALL TIMES!
  4. NEVER! Splatter paint at another Participant within approximate distance of 10 ft. or Point blank range! A warning to surrender must be issued when within 10 ft. or closer! Should Participant refuse surrender then each Participant must retreat 2 yards before splattering paint!
  5. NEVER! Splatter paint at Passers By! Ex. Vehicles, Byciclists, ATV’s, Pedestrians, Wild Life, Fowl, Pets, Anything that is not equipped to participate in paintball or otherwise is unarmed, & defenseless to protect itself! Including field ref! You alone are wholly accountable & responsible for where you discharge your paint!
  6. NEVER! Run in field of action at top speed! It can & will result in injury or worse! You are participating in a adventurous, all terrain contact sport!
  8. RESPECT ALL PROPERTY! NO dismantling, defacing or destroying of any natural & or man built bridge, bunkers, forts, sniper stands, breaking of trees, etc.
  9. NO SMOKING or FIRE ANYWHERE ON FIELD OF ACTION! Designated smoking area @ parking lot/entrance!
  10. TREAT ALL OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED! Participate with RESPECT, HONOR & Courtesy for your fellow Participants! Please refrain from using overtly aggressive use of profanity, vulgarity, cursing & swear words towards each other excessively! Bullying & fighting will not be tolerated!
  11. DO NOT TAMPER WITH, ALTER OR RIG RENTAL EQUIPMENT! (*MARKERS) With exception to adjusting mask/helmet, chest protector & joint pads! Be comfy! Though safety first! ALL MARKERS adjusted to field of play velocity of 265 fps – 285 fps max. Absolutely no exceptions permitted!
  12. NO OUTSIDE PAINT OR AIR PERMITTED! All other outside equipment more than welcome! Encouraged with respect to rule #11, marker velocity will be adjusted to field regulations by field ref. Using field chronometer. 
  13. THE SOUND OF THE FIELD UMPIRES VOICE OR WHISTLE! Indicates start, pause or stoppage of action! Be alert & pay attention!
  14. NO CHEATING! When hit by a paintball(s) by either “friendly fire” or an opposing Participant, the ‘HIT’ player must call out loudly “HIT!”so as others can hear – the hit Participant then proceeds to the nearest safe zone or out of bounds with safety on marker raised over head to signify to remaining Participants that Participant is out of the action. NO taking ‘POT SHOTS’ at already hit Participants! “HITS’ are considered as contact made by a paintball that would “kill, maim or wound” a Participant! Marker ‘HITS’ are “KILL HITS” as without a functioning marker you’re a sitting duck!
  15. RESPECT ALL RENTAL EQUIPMENT! Treat every piece of equipment better than you would your own!       After all you alone are solely liable for your assigned equipment! NO exchanging of any piece of assigned equipment whatsoever under any circumstance! *Do Not lay Mask  Down on it’s Lens/glass- it Scratches!
  16. NO LITTERING OF ANYTHING, ANYWHERE ON THE PREMISES! If found any belongings, all will be returned as is found! Field is not a refuse/landfill!
  17. WATER; IS AVAILABLE TO ALL PARTICIPANTS! Staying properly hydrated in the summer heat is crucial! Water is free & included with every field fee! 
  18. NO OPEN TOED FOOTWEAR, NO SHORTS OR NO TANK/TUBE TOPS PERMITTED! Only closed toed footwear, long legged pants & long sleeved shirts allowed on field! NO EXCEPTIONS! Running shoes, work boots, hiking boots are recommended, as is sweat pants, track pants & cargo pants recommended! Long sleeved shirts such as sweat shirts, hoodys, turtle necks also recommended! Colval paintball does not provide any outer wear of any sort! Bring & wear your own! *Suggested item- Gardening gloves! More coverage the better! Insects & nettles!
  19. SAFE ZONE/ DEAD ZONE AREAS! Anywhere outside clearly marked boundaries/perimeter of paintball field! The field ref will point out these areas in & outside field of action!
  20. RESTROOM/ AMENITIES – At entrance of field, an emergency #2 restroom is provided as is a portable/mobile latrine on field! #1 can be done anywhere a safe distance outside of field boundaries/perimeter!
  21. MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN! That is why you are here! Colval paintball strives to deliver an exciting, enjoyable & memorable time to be had by all Participants!

It is our duty & obligation to provide as safe a setting as possible to paintball! Be sure to make suggestions and or offer constructive criticism as to how we can improve your experience next time! Thank You very much! We appreciate & value your generous support!  

Print Waiver PDF     Guardian Indemnity Agreement For Minors PDF

Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement

*ALL  Participants  Assume  ALL Personal  Risk!

In consideration of being permitted to participate in playing the sport/game paintball, scheduled for and/ or run by colval  paintball (the ‘Releasee’)                                       

I, the Releasor *_print name-_____________________________________________________________________

WAIVE, RELEASE and DISCHARGE the RELEASEE, the Releasee’s Heirs, Executors, Administrators, Legal Representatives and Assigns from all liability for or by reason of any damage, loss or injury to person and property, even injury resulting in the death of the Releasor, which  has been or may be sustained in consequence of the Releasor’s participation in the activity described above, and not withstanding that such damage or injury may have been caused solely or partly by the negligence of the Releasee.

 I here by acknowledge and agree that I have carefully read this Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement, that I fully understand same, and that I am freely and voluntarily executing same. By signing this release I will be forever prevented from suing or otherwise claiming against the release for any property loss or personal injury that I may sustain while participating in or preparing for the above noted activity. I have been given the opportunity and have been encouraged to seek independent legal advice/counsel prior to signing this Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement.

 I understand that I would not be permitted to participate in the above noted activity unless I signed this Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement. I understand that this Waiver and Release of Liability Agreement is binding on me, my Spouse, my Heirs, my Executors, my Administrators, Personal Representatives and Assigns. I acknowledge that I do not have any physical limitations, medical ailments, physical or mental disabilities that would limit or prevent me from participating in the above mentioned activity, and if required, will obtain a medical examination and clearance.

 This Waiver and Release Agreement will be construed in accordance with and governed by the laws of the province of British Columbia, Canada and it is acknowledged by the Releasor to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of this jurisdiction.


Signed this ________ day of the year ______________


COLVAL PAINTBALL  Waiver & Release of Liability & Equipment Rental Agreement

I understand, accept complete absolute accountability and responsibility for each and every individual piece of equipment required to participate in the game of paintball.

COLVAL PAINTBALL is renting the equipment to me for an agreed upon dollar amount. Damage or loss of equipment while in my entrusted possession, current retail prices for damaged or lost equipment will be applied to the Booking Agents credit card that has been provided. *Normal wear and tear is expected and excluded! 

            Locker Contents and Value

ABSOLUTELY NO OUT-SIDE PAINTBALLS/AIR PERMITTED, NO exceptions!own equipment allowed! 

Up to (10 ) total pieces of Equipment per Individual renter valued at $400-$450+ tax depending on marker model* Includes-  1/ Tippmann semi-automatic marker package with 1/ hopper, 1/ 48ci HPA tank & 1/ marker muzzle sock, & 1/ full face mask, & 1/ chest/back protector, & 1/ set of elbow (2) & knee (2) pads (parts & pieces of equipment vary in cost to  replace and or repair damaged equipment. Prices will be disclosed when necessary, same as for any property damage.) 

Initial below to AGREE with terms.

 Example: Print Name            / SIGN/Signature                  / Rental? Y/N    /  LOCKER #    / (Initials REQ.) 

X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ____________   (the Group Booking Agent)


X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ___________


X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ___________


X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ___________


X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ___________


X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ___________


X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ___________


X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ___________


X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ___________


X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ___________


X-______________________/______________________/   ___________/   ___________/   ___________


Participants must provide own outter wear! Long sleeve shirt/long pants & closed toed footwear! Colval  Paintball does not provide cover-alls or any other items than what is listed above with the rental equipment package presently, our apologies for the inconvenience!


Guardian Indemnity Agreement for Minors 

*COLVAL PAINTBALL Age Requirement is 9 years of age with on field supervision of PARENT or GUARDIAN until age 14yrs! Children under the age of 9 are NOT PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE!

I confirm that I am the Parent or Authorized Guardian of (child’s name/print)______________________________________________

(“Participant”) who is under the age of 18. I have read this agreement, and explained its contents to Him/Her. I agree that I guarantee and will be responsible for ensuring that the Participant plays in a safe manner so as not to be injured or cause injury. In order that He/She may be allowed to participate, I agree to fully Indemnify COLVAL PAINTBALL, the Sponsors and Property Owner/s and any other Operator or Owner of the premises against any and all actions for any injury that may be sustained by the Participant or caused by the Participant to Others.

 Signature of Parent/Guardian & Guarantor(x)__________________________________________


Membership Portion of Indemnity Agreement

Month_________/  Day_________/ Year _________*applicable for 1 season

7.5+ months (March 21/thaw, +5C – November 11/freeze, +5C)